Thursday, April 5, 2012

I am not a cliche

No. Just no. I am really tired of people thinking that the only things girls can think about is when they will get married. No. I can't emphasise how much I hate that generalisation and how wrong it is. And it weakens the sex further by making it look like a woman cannot participate in another's good news without a twinge in her heart and wondering when it will be her turn.

Why? Why run after marriage as an institution as a goal? Does happily ever after only begin there? Does life become roses and other crappy flowers the moment a woman and a man decide to sign a paper stating that maybe they will spend their lives together? Why do women themselves sometimes perpetuate the idea that they are running out of time? What are we running out of? I hate so much when people whine when others get good news. Life is a graph, sometimes you are ahead, sometimes it's someone else's turn. Be it career or relationships...the drill is the same. No one wins all the time and if you kept winning, it loses it charm and power. So, it's ok if you are married or unmarried. If you employed or completely without employable skills. Life will get you your turn and when you let is happen naturally, rather than forcing it, it will feel right. It will feel wonderful.

As for me, I am genuinely happy that so many people I know and care about are tying the knot. No, I am not ready for anything like that but I am not going begrudge anyone for taking that step in life. I admire their courage for being ready to make a commitment but I want to be free. In the meantime, I will dress up to the tens and show up to as many weddings and whatevers as possible. They are fun. They are free food and they are one more reason to celebrate life. And no, I will not sit in a corner wondering when it will be my turn. My life is too full for that. I have too many friends. I love my family and I love my job. How many people can brag about that? My life is full and I am ok and I refuse te be turned into a cliche.